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Traditional Herbal Medicine

Utilizing knowledge from thousands of years of traditional Chinese herbal studies and practice, we are able to customize a tailored formula that is specific for your exact constitution and symptoms. Herbal medicine is an excellent therapy to use in adjunct with acupuncture and myofascial release, to further support and nourish the body, while reaffirming the healing process in between treatments. Included in these formulas are most commonly plant elements, such as flowers, seeds, leaves, branches, barks, roots, and could potentially contain minerals or other natural ingredients. The formula may be ingested in the form of a tea, capsule, a powder to be mixed with water, an external wash, or a tincture.  Our medicinal products are sourced only from local companies that conduct high-level testing for assurance of the utmost purity and quality, while always remaining ecologically conscious. Only after an evaluation of your symptoms and constitution, can a Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine or a Licensed Acupuncturist prescribe a formula for you. While many Chinese formulas are available to buy online, we never recommend self diagnosing based on online information alone. Call us for questions/concerns, or schedule a consultation with us today to see if herbal medicine is right for you!

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